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Introducing the PolicySolve Blog

Bringing actionable insights to leaders who are making a difference in the world!

Welcome to the PolicySolve blog, a new place for insights about what it takes to be a leader tackling complex problems. Looking for tools, resources, practical tips? That's my goal - to share what I've learned, draw on the wisdom of PolicySolve's partners and create a space for reflection.

Being a leader in any setting is difficult, but being a leader who is trying to drive change on intractable problems is not just difficult, it can feel impossible, frustrating, and lonely. Yet, I know from my experience that the difficulties are balanced by exciting moments where we see real, meaningful change happen. PolicySolve is committed to making the leadership role easier and the impact greater.

Some of the topics I'll be focusing on over time include:

  • Defining problems so you can solve them: How a problem is defined drives which solutions are seen as viable and how success is measured. I'll be exploring implications of different types of problem definition and tools to help define problems.

  • Unpacking systemic and systems change: Systems change is both a focus of many initiatives and leaders, as well as a piece of jargon that needs to be clarified. I'll be sharing insights and examples of different types of systems change and ways of identifying potential changes to pursue.

  • The relationship side of leadership: We can't drive change alone, and many of the lessons I've learned from leaders along the way have to do with how we act with integrity and advance relationships with intentionality.

  • Coaching tips for developmental evaluation (DE): I believe DE is a powerful entry point for those with evaluation and strategy skills to be part of driving change. I am looking forward to sharing my tips and the tips of other DE practitioners.

Thank you for taking the time to read and explore the PolicySolve blog. I look forward to hearing your thoughts along the way.

Jewlya Lynn


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