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Services to Change Systems

PolicySolve’s service are grounded in Jewlya Lynn's nearly two decades of experience helping leaders solve complex, intractable problems. A combination of these strategic services can be catalytic for removing the barriers to achieving the impact you desire.


Are you looking for a facilitator who can help groups build trust, clearly articulate their shared destination, and untangle the complexity of how to get there?


The PolicySolve approach is grounded in the idea that achieving significant and systemic changes in the world requires building trust and a shared understanding of the smaller changes that are needed along the way. Sometimes these “wins” are within your own collaborative or process (e.g. your governance approach, your strategy design), but often they are the early policy, systems, or public understanding changes that set the foundation for achieving greater wins.


Are you expecting or experiencing that moment when even the best laid plans don’t seem to be working quite as intended?


It’s common when trying to solve complex problems to realize the initial insights are not holding true. PolicySolve can work with you to integrate learning and adaptation into how you do your work using learning tools that are designed to steadily build knowledge and skills while progressively strengthening the strategies underway to achieve the intended impact. Looking for a "critical friend" to join you on that learning journey?  PolicySolve specializes in a developmental evaluation approach that can support change strategies in complex, dynamic settings.

Emergent Strategy

Working amid complexity requires new tools, new ways of thinking, and new ways of implementing. Emergent strategy is a way of working that loosens our focus on preplanned, rigid actions, opens our aperture to learn and act alongside others in the larger ecosystem, and helps us maintain a focus on systemic change (and listening to the system).

PolicySolve has experience laying the foundation for emergent strategies, including helping to adapt organizational policies, practices, norms, and habits to make room for emergence and deep partnership within the larger system.

Strategy & Research Design

Do you recognize that new tools and approaches are needed if the evaluation, research, or strategy you’re planning will be successful?


One of the strengths of the PolicySolve approach is the extensive toolbox of methods, frameworks, and approaches we've used ourselves and helped others to use. We can support you to identify when to use them, allowing for thinking outside the box and utilizing a mix of futures, foresight, and design strategies, and develop adaptive plans that can be successful in complex, adaptive settings.


Have you had that moment where having a fresh perspective, a thought partner, or a critical friend would enable you to take your work to the next level?


Sometimes having someone who can help surface your assumptions, ask new questions, and help you find the answers can be a catalyst to achieving impact. At PolicySolve, our partners often tell us this is one of our greatest strengths – being the thought partner who brings new insights that integrate with current thinking.

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